Authentic Nicomore M1 RDTA 2ml tank

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Nicomore M1 tank: It's completely beyond the traditional designing ideas. Its conflict and unification are utilized by designer excellently. The hidden air input design to produce the suspended visual effects is full technology. Mixed incense table can let you experience the fun and flavourists to feel your own deployment of far taste.
Inner Cover: 3D Sculpture with precision of 0.05mm, 59 processing operations, all these will make great quality.
Bottom Cap: Beyond the traditional designing ideas, the hidden airflow input structure hasmade its first step perfectly.

Nicomore M1 RDTA 2ml tank Features and Specifications:
Dimension: 25*45.2mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Balck Gold
Capacity: 2.0ml
Thread: 510

Nicomore M1 RDTA 2ml tank Package:

1 * M1 RDTA Tank
1 * Accessories
1 * Outer cover of RDA
1 * Instruction card
1 *RDA Base