There has been a rapid boom in the market for CBD vape oils – indeed for all CBD products – now that it is legal across the USA. As with all emerging markets, competition is fierce with different brands and suppliers getting in quick to try and get a share of the market. This is good for you, the CBD user, as it means you will get some great deals, but as the market is expanding at such a rate, it also leads to difficulty in knowing who you can trust.
One problem that has been reported is that some of the CBD oil being sold is not what people expect. Some are poor standard and may have been grown in conditions that led to contamination. The law on CBD states that it must be grown by regulated growers, using industrial hemp. That’s why you need to find yourself a reputable CBD vape oil supplier, and the easiest way to buy is via online retailers.
Where to Buy Your CBD Vape Oils
It is essential that you find a retailer who can be trusted, one with customers who return and are happy to testify to the reputation of the retailer. You also want to find one that supplies the best CBD vape oils. We recommend you check out for not only the best advice on all things to do with vaping CBD oil but also reviews of the best brands around.
What are the best CBD vape oils? Let’s talk about a few that the420times have reviewed and recommend.
CBDFX Vape Oils
There are a number of factors you need to consider before you buy your CBD vape oil, and the CBDFX brand usually covers them all. The first thing to check is that the product is tested for quality, preferably by a third-party laboratory. These products – which come in a variety of flavors – tick that box.
Flavors include Blue Raspberry, Rainbow Candy and many more, and these oils are made using only organic ingredients, with no synthetic additives. With great prices from the420times and free shipping, this is a brand you cannot go wrong with, and they also have other similar products you might want to check out. There is no nicotine in these products.
A highly regarded brand that offers a range of CBD oil products, Koi is known for providing a wealth of information and detail on its website. For example, you can read research on the ingredients and – much appreciated this – also lab reports on the quality tests of their CBD products, which is a level of openness that is refreshing.
Notably, Koi products are guaranteed THC free – that’s not even a trace element – which is important to anyone who might be subjected to a drugs test. They offer a discount for veterans, have six flavors to choose from and the only downside is that because they are so popular, it’s not unusual to find them out of stock. Get your order in early to make sure you don’t miss out!
Hemp Bombs
Using hemp grown to very strict European regulations, Hemp Bombs has gained a reputation as one of the leading brands in the market. They offer a range of 11 different flavors, all are nicotine-free, and they can supply in a variety of dosages. All their products are third-party tested, which is a major plus for you, the user when it comes to quality guarantees.
There are many more brands we could talk about, and the above are just three that are offered by the420times, so check them out in more detail now for the best deals on quality CBD vape oils.