Looking to start vaping on the cheap? Want the best vape mods under $50 because your student budget is very limited? Check out our top 6 list of cheap vape mods on a budget.

Have you tried to vape? Do you think it is too expensive for you? Well, it does not really have to be. There are multiple devices available for a lesser price that are equally good. You can get the best vape mod under 50, and that is lesser than the average price of a packet of cigarettes. Here's your guide to purchasing the best affordable vape mods that are affordable and of great quality. Students want to get everything at minimal costs and still, don’t wish to compromise on quality. This is why choose one of the below-mentioned devices, which are the best picks!

Being a student at college needs you to be smart!

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List of best vape mods under 50$
Here’s a list of good cheap vapes to make you enjoy this device at affordable prices. Check out those below and pick the one that suits you best!

1. Wismec RX Mini
This is certainly the best cheap vape available on the market and thus, is a perfect pick for students. The device has plenty of advantages. One can indulge in high power vaping, cloud chasing, and much more! It has got an awesome design, an OLED display screen and battery power of 2100 mAh. The device merely costs $39.99!

2. Vaporesso Polar 220 W TC
This device's cost is $48.95. It is a power-packed gadget with a charming design. There is a color display screen, which brings out its appearance. One can do temperature-controlled vaping, and it has an attractive side-firing mechanism, which just adds up to the comfort of using the product.

3. GeekVape Nova 200 W TC
If you are looking for good cheap vapes, this has to be one of your top options. It only costs $35, which is very cheap, given its advantages. The device looks visually appealing, offering a full-featured temperature controlling system. The shape is a bit boxy, but it has got vibrant and unique abstract patterns, which make it stand out.

4. Smok Stick V9 Max
Available in the market for $46.95, this comes under the best affordable vape mods. It offers extensive, high-power vaping and operates on a single button. This device has a shape like that of a tube and features an amazing 4000 mAh battery. This can last up to two days without charging and thus, delivers fantastic performance throughout.

5. Halo Triton 2 Tank
Halo Triton 2 Tank is one of the best vape starter kits under 50$ available for $45. The device is an attractive eGo-style e-cigarette and is ideal especially for those who are trying to switch from smoking to vaping. The kit contains a set of two batteries (400 mAh or 650 mAh).

6. Eleaf iStick Pico Dual 200 W TC
This device is, without a doubt, one of the best in the market! It is compact and stylish in appearance as well as design and offers excellent power and performance. Eleaf iStick Pico Dual 200 W TC runs on a pair of 18650 batteries and supports temperature control vaping. There is basic OLED display screen on the device, and its overall performance gives it an edge over the other vapes. It costs $36.95.
Vape mods are great to use! They are fairly large in size as compared to vape pens and most of the tube mods available in the market. Each of those mentioned above is cheap. All the devices on the list are the top in their category and thus, very popular among students.