Many people think 2018 is the year of “pod system vaping device”. More and more pod system devices or brands spring up like mushroom. Since the middle of last year, the pod system market rises in an all-round way,and more and more e-cigarette brands wish to share the pie.

In the industry of e-cigarette, why the rising of pod system kits is much faster than that of the large-vapor vaping devices? Some peole used to make an analysis of such phenomenon. Maybe it’s because it’s different from those large-vapor vaping devices who have various functions. Pod system devices are very simple without high threshhold of techniques, causing more manufacturers to step into this field. However, just like any other industry, if you want to move forward, you have to have your own characteristics. So how to stand out in the market of pod system kit? Some industry insiders pointed out that appearance, duration time and taste are the basis for pod system kit to keep a place in this field.


Since the appearance of pod system device is simple for designing, you can see pod system devices with various shapes in the market, dolphin, penguin, mango, raindrop, car, pebble, U disk, lighter, cigarette case, and some other shapes that is beyond description. When the market develops to some degree, it’s easy to go into an odd circle. The more you want to make innovations, the harder for you to jump out of circle of stunts. The more you want to stand out, the easier for you to overexert yourself.

But a device with a stunning appearance is surely more eye-catching and much easier to be accepted by consumers. Apart from appearance, material with nice hand fell is also important. In order to save cost, some manufacturers uses plastic instead of metal for production which make the products feel very cheap. However, metal material not necessarily makes good products. Workmanship is also important, such as Smoant S8. Though it is not made of metal material, its polishing makes it look very fine. Besides, its appearance is also very novel.

Portability is another key point other than appearance. Anyone would like to choose a portable device rather than a cumbersome device.

Duration Time

Normally, size is proportional to duration time. Just like a cellphone, if it’s too thin, usually its duration time will not be too long.Therefore, there is no compatibility between super-thin body and super-long duration time. It’s the same in e-cigarette industry. However, duration time is too important for electronic cigarette. Many e-cigarette brand is dedicated to technical researching and developing, at the same time, they also attach importance to increasing the battery capacity. For instance, the battery capacity of Aspire Breeze 2 is increased to 1000mah, even though the 650mah battery capacity of Aspire Breeze is already much much better than those devices with only 200mah to 300mah battery capacity. It’s obvious that manufacturers attach great importance to battery duration time. After all, nobody wants to constantly charge the device when using it.


Taste is the key point of pod system kit. Especially for those who want to quit smoking with the help of e-cigarette, they are more demanding on taste. The factors to influence taste are inflow volume, coil resistance and coil structure.

Most of the coils are vertically structured, and some coils are horizontally structured. Different coil structures will bring different taste experience. Similarly, different resistances of coils are suitable for different e-liquids, and the inflow volume also influences the taste of e-liquid.

Different coil resistance is suitable for e-liquids of different VG, thus the taste of e-liquid can be best delivered. Just like the two coils of Aspire Breeze 2, the 0.6ohm coil is suitable for regular e-liquid, while the 1.0ohm coil is specially designed for nicotine salt. Make difference based on difference, in this way, the strengths of pod system devices can be best presented.

Some people consider that e-cigarette will become more and more popular, and pod system devices will also make changes to better adapt the market. No matter appearance design, duration time, or taste, they are all indispensable to the brands of pod system kits. With the development of pod system devices, I hope the customer demands will be truly satisfied.

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