Shanlaan Laan Lite Kit with 320mAh Battery

Price : 9,99 $ 45,99 $

Thin and slight body without increasing 9.9mm. This Laan Lite - another great pod system kit after Shanlaan Laan Kit.

Extremely thin, slight and light

Say goodbye to thickness and weight.
Great and hard work on producing with 12 months.
Thin and slight body without increasing 9.9mm.

Annular track with metal border as like attractive flash lighting puff.
The same as the last product,
We combined with two different concepts and mixed them
Metal is no more sharp with round border
Contradiction exists with sense of beauty.

Though different gorgeous colors, all is attractive.
Sexy figure provoke customers’ interest; Good friend with you travel around.
It is a good sense on your trip.

One kind of Lite, got five different Lite.
Fashionable Lite will changeable for you on body.

Special design on body, keep ‘Dirt’ away.
We always care about if your vape device is clean sleeping on your pocket, and the original goal of its great design and figure.

Even concealed in the portable pocket, still outstanding.
On small and portable vape things, many manufacturer wanna produce a special and cultured device.
It is right our thought and we are just do it.
Even concealed, Laan Lite still sparkle.

Four kinds of favor, each is delicate.
Sweet litchi...
Original tobacco...
Delicious soda biscuit...
Cool tasty mint...
Are you ready to have a taste?

Magnet Charger, easy use.
Saving your time is our important goal, easy use on charging with magnet make you full charged.

Exciting stinger, and next, let’s try at the middle of May.
Ready go, our May, our Laan Lite...

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