Pod system device is a newly explored market, but all the manufacturers have already swarmed into the competition. It seems like that various products came into the market all at once, disposable style, refillable style, tradition button style, air switch style, etc. As a senior brand in the vaping world, in no way would Smok be a bystander. Here I would like to talk about the Smok Novo Pod System Kit.

Novo is a pod system kit with air switch and constant voltage. It’s made of metal with honeycomb patterns on its body. Very nice appearance! It is compact in size, only slightly bigger than an ordinary lighter. It has no button at all, only a status indicating light and a USB cable on it. The packing list is simple but practical, two refillable cartridges and a short USB cable

Novo cartridge adopts traditional coil and cotton. On its side, you can see a refilling hole with plastic plug. The base of the cartridge is made of metal. Through the transparent liquid tank, you can see a white plastic silicone ring combining with the liquid tank, which can prevent leakage. With such a protection system, you may detach the cartridge to clean away the carbon and replace the cotton, thus further lowering the usage cost.

At my first try, I was little surprised by its air switch. It’s not like other similar products with which you vape out no vapor at the first several puffs. It seems Novo is always ready for you to vape. As soon as you vape it, the switch will react immediately to turn on the device. Its reaction is extremely fast and the vape-out-no-vapor situation will never appear. The inflow is not adjustable, but the fixed inflow is enough to satisfy the vaping needs of MTL and slight DTL at the same time.

As for taste, Novo delivers very soft taste. Even if you use e-liquid with high nicotine, you will not have the sense of choking throat. In a similar way, when you use low-nicotine e-liquid, the sense of hitting throat might be not strong enough for you. On choosing e-liquid, Novo is neck and neck with its like products, and is suitable for those tobacco single-flavored e-liquid. If you use mixed-flavored e-liquid, it may give you a messy taste.

In summary, the advantages of Novo is very obvious, while it’s hard to tell its disadvantage. The refillable cartridge is cheap for using. The air switch reacts fast. The soft taste will not give you a sense of choking throat. The compact size is convenient for carrying around. As a pod system vaping device, its overall performance is completely superior to or neck and neck with its like products. Together with the feature that Smok products normally have high performance cost ratio, Smok Novo Kit is absolutely a good choice among all the pod system devices

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