Voopoo Vmate 200W TC Kit with Uforce T1 Tank 8ml

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Compact size, light weight, good performance, high wattage. Voopoo Vmate Kit comes with eight patterns for your choice!

Voopoo used to be a medical company. Since it acquired the American company Woodyvapes, it has entered into the vaping industry. It is an ecig enterprise that involves in research, development, manufacturing and selling. Its product lines range from starter devices to advanced devices. Its design of VV box mod still keeps the global record of the fastest firing speed. It devotes in supplying high-tech, intelligent and safe vaping products.

Voopoo has officially released eight colors of Vmate Mod, and the Uforce T1 Tank also comes with eight matched colors. The tank is pre-installed with 5.5ml glass tube, and a 8ml spare bulb glass tube is also included, which greatly increases the vaping time for vapers.

Specifications of Vmate Box Mod:
Size: 89mm*47mm*30mm
Wattage Range: 5W-200W
Output Voltage: 0V-7.5V
Resistance Range: 0.05-3.0Ω (VW mode)/ 0.05-1.5Ω(TC mode)
Battery Type: 18650 * 2
Temperature Range: 100℃-315℃

Usually, VV mod is called box mod. It is because the majority of mods in the early time were designed into a square box shape. At present, most of the mods in the market have incorporated various designing elements. They are distinctive in appearance, shape, workmanship and color scheme, bringing excellent visual effect.

Voopoo is a brand attaching importance to designing of products. This Voopoo Vmate Kit is no exception. The Vmate mod comes with sleek shape, bringing nicer hand feel. Its front side and back side are symmetrically designed, and the slightly convex black glass gives the whole mod a layered appearance. On the front side, it is a dynamic LCD screen and on the back side, it displays the brand name “Voopoo”. Together with the mod body covered by metallic paint, it gives off a low-key luxury beauty, which deeply impressed me at my first sight.

Vmate mod measurement is 89mm* 47mm*30mm and its weight is comparatively light. It’s hard to imagine that dual batteries are needed for it. It’s comfortable for holding with the smooth painting and metal texture. Without batteries, it weighs only 100g, which is 20g lighter than the same-sized mods, mainly thanks to the utilization of light-weighted aluminium alloy instead of stainless steel.

A single 18650 battery weighs about 40g. Adding the atomizer, the Vmate Kit totally weighs about 230g with dual batteries. It is not as heavy as I have imagined and is completely acceptable for me.

The battery compartments are on the two sides of the mod body. The resin surface of the battery compartment covers improves the sense of touching to your palms. The covers and the mod body are magnetically connected which is very convenient for replacing batteries. In actual test, after closing the cover, it is tightly connected to the mod body. Even if you shake it violently, it doesn’t fall off.

There are totally eight different patterns of the covers. The one in my hand is rock-black.

The screen of Vmate box mod is comparatively in a big size. It can display the battery life, working voltage, resistance, time and other data. The effect of displaying is nice, but if the font could be larger, it would be better.

Vmate box mod is equipped with the latest GENE Fan chip. It is fungus-resistant, water-proof and corrosion-resistant, which improves the reliability and electrical performance of the product. At the moment of firing (within 20 to 30 milliseconds), it can reach the maximum voltage immediately. The main feature of the box mod is its ultra-short firing delay, thanks to the Gene Fan chip.

The operation of the Gene Fan chip is very simple. By pressing the “+”button 5 seconds, the mod will enter into the setting interface. It has two usage modes, W (default mode) and M. Under W mode, you can adjust the wattage. Under M mode, you have 5 usage parameters for choice, and you can switch by pressing the“+”button and “-”button. Besides, you can lock a parameter, so that when you turn on the mod, it will enter into the parameter automatically.

The matched atomizer is Uforce T1 Tank. It is the second huge-vapor atomizer released by Voopoo. From the official instruction, it adds a great deal of knurling design and features a vapor punk style. Moreover, with the bulb glass tube, its e-liquid capacity is increased.

Besides, the manufacturer also adds more coil options to Uforce T1 Tank, including Uforce U2 dual coil and Ufroce N1 mesh coil. In actual test, the heating of Uforce N1 coil is much faster and more even, and it brings more delicate taste. Of course, to such a good-performance box mod like Vmate, it is completely OK to match such an atomizer and coils with even lower resistance.

Uforce T1 is an atomizer with bottom airflow system. From top to bottom, it can be parted into drip tip, top cap, connector, coil, glass tube and base. On the top cap and bottom adjusting ring, there is a great deal of knurling design with very rugged style, and the color scheme adopts the industrial metallic style. Totally eight colors, bountiful options.

The workmanship of this atomizer is excellent. Its airflow adjusting ring has very nice hand feel. When you spin it, you can feel the damping, so it will not slide automatically.

It features a push-open top filling system which can be safely locked and is very simple for pushing open. The filling hole is big enough so that you don’t need an extra dropper. I found no defects with this part in actual using.

The 810 drip tip, and the large heating area of the mesh coil together, brings low drawing resistance, rich flavor and full taste. If the resin drip tip could adopt black or metallic color, it would be better for the overall matching of the atomizer.

Uforce N1 is a single mesh coil and its resistance is 0.13Ω. Its rated output range is 50-100W and the officially suggested best output range is 70-80W.

Uforce U2 is a dual coil head with 0.4ohm resistance. Its rated output range is from 40-80W and the officially suggested best output range is 55-65W.

The designer is very considerate to design a MIN filling line to prevent the coil from dry burning caused by insufficient e-liquid. It’s worth mentioning that the coils are specially designed for Uforce T1 Tank. It’s impossible to replace them with other coils.

There are three airflow holes at the bottom. Every hole measures 10mm* 3mm and is big enough to provide sufficient air inflow. When you choose low output, you’d better adjust the holes to small size, and when you choose high output, you’d better adjust the holes to big size. In this way, you can keep the ratio of between the air and the atomized e-liquid, and accordingly ensure that the flavor will not be too light.

Both the N1 coil and U2 coil can bring nice taste.

Take the Uforce U2 coil. When you vape slowly with small inflow from 40W, you will have an interesting taste experience. As the wattage increases and the inflow adds, I find the taste that I want at 55W output. However, the N1 coil, with its mesh structure, heats much faster and produces larger vapor. It is suitable for DTL vaping with big puff, thus you can experience the huge vapor with its fast heating feature.

As for me, I like 55W output with 1/3 airholes shut down. With such setting, you will not have hollow or blocked sucking sense, and the taste and noise are both under an ideal condition.

Why is there noise? In fact, when air enters into any atomizer, it would cause noise. It’s doomed that Uforce T1 is not a quiet atomizer since it has three airflow holes, especially when the airflow holes are entirely open.

Finally, I’d like to talk about the lifespan of the coils. The lifespans of Uforce U2 coil and Uforce N1 coil are similar to most of coils in the market. I’ve used the U2 coil for two weeks and it hasn’t brought any burnt flavor yet. I just feel the atomizing is not as good as before, which is possibly caused by my psychological effect. But I’m sure that the U2 coil can still work.
I think the highlights of this Voopoo Vmate Kit is its super light weight and the super low firing delay and instant vaping brought by the Gene Fan chip. Moreover, the Uforce T1 brings fast and even heating, and huge-vapor DTL experience, which also bring value to the Vmate Kit. If you have the need of buying a vaping device with compact size, light weight, excellent performance and high wattage, why not take a more detailed look at this Voopoo Vmate Kit?

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