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the Geekvape Loop is a decent RDA, I thought it was going to be something amazing with all the hype over this new style of deck.

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So my second RDA review this month is the Geekvape Loop RDA, many thanks to David over at for sending this out for me to try.

GeekVape Loop RDA Features:
1. Unique W Shaped Build Deck
2. Easy coil building for both single and dual coils
3. Allows direct dripping from the mouthpiece without leakage
4. One-piece airflow ring in the middle to ensure convenient airflow adjustment.
Compatible with both 510 and 810 drip tip
Supports both single and dual coils
Side to bottom airflow minimizing leakage
Available colors: stainless steel, black, gold, gunmetal

In the Box of GeekVape Loop RDA:
1* Loop RDA
1* Allen Key
1* User Manual
1* 510 Delrin tip
1*510 Drip tip adaptor
1* Spare parts pack

Looks & Initial Thoughts

The Loop deck is different, and this is what had me so interested in this from the start. It comes boxed pretty nicely, the same kind of see through plastic box that Geekvape normally use, and you get the normal spares, allen key, drip tip adapter and so on.

The Loop looks OK, I have the black one :sad5: (I don’t like black vape gear…) Anyhow the Loop is a 24mm diameter RDA, standing around 34mm tall, so not overly big. It’s comprised of 3 parts, the mouthpiece, cap and base. The 810 drip tip is described as silver! Its not silver, it’s like a see through grey! :roll: And the mouthpiece also has the word ‘Geekvape’ around the side.

You have the Loop logo on the twisty airflow band around the middle, and also underneath the base.
So yeah…. it looks ok, but it’s nothing to write home about, I’ve seen better looking RDA’s, its plain and simple on the outside, and to be honest I think it looks way better in any other colour than black :laughtears:

The 510 gold plated pin does protrude nicely from the threads, and you do get a BF pin in the box should you wish to squonk.

Top Cap & Air Flow.

So the Loops top cap is all one piece (press fit apparently) and you have this twisty air flow band around the middle. I found this really awkward to twist as first, but it does seem to be loosening off a little bit now. There’s no real way to grip it, I find myself trying to grip the holes to turn the band. A little bit of knurling or at least some kind of pattern to grip the band would have made the whole thing easier. Perhaps if the Loop logo was raised slightly that would have helped :worried:

The top cap has 2 holes, one for each coil, and the airflow band has 3 holes, for either dual coil setup, or twist it around till only one hole is open for single coil set-up. The holes are fairly large, and you can close them right down to almost nothing (I doubt you’ll want to do this though, it just makes a super hot torturous vape!)

The airflow comes in at the side of the coils, but is taken down and underneath through the W shaped deck, and then sucked upwards through the coil as you vape, so the air never actually hits the side of the coil as you draw it in.

*Surround airflow system transferring from side to bottom
*Full effectiveness of the airflow delivery and significantly enhancing the flavor
*Side to bottom airflow minimizes leakageWe’ll see if this is true a little later.The cap also has this notch and groove system that locks the top cap in place and ensures that those holes are lined up directly on the coils. The o-rings (2 of them around the base) do hold that top cap nice and tight so you can pick up your mod by the Loop and you won’t end up with just the top cap in your fingers and your mod on the floor :smile:

The Loop Deck & Coiling

So this deck is something different, its kind of W shaped, and your coils will sit in the little V shape on each side.

The Loop has a 5mm juice well, now you would think that if you drip your juice in from above it would somehow catch in this air transfer channels, I haven’t had that happen. It does distribute evenly over the ramp in the middle and down into the well underneath. And obviously if you’re squonking the juice will come from the bottom anyway, so unless you drastically over squonk, you should be good and not get any leaks from the airflow holes.

So on to coiling. It was fairly easy… the one thing that did annoy me, I couldn’t really tell how far I had unscrewed the grub screws, and one ended up falling out completely! These things are super tiny and a real pain to get back in! But the actual fitting of the coils wasn’t really too bad at all.

Make sure your coil legs are both facing the same way, now the legs do need pre-cutting, not too short, unscrew the screws, and position the coil. Now if it seems that the coil is a little too high, or touching the far side of the V, snip a little more off the legs and try again, but if you cut too much your coil will touch the near side of the V. So it might be a little fiddly first time coiling, but when you’ve done it once you can gauge any further coils from how you cut the legs on the first ones. It more of a ‘trial and error’ kind of experiment with that first coil.

I used 2 x 5wrap clapton coils, once they were both installed and positioned correctly, just tighten those screws down. Depending on the type of coil, tightening those screws down could warp the coils a little bit as the screws come in from the side. So if you’re using something like a staggered fused clapton thats a flat type wire rather than rounded, you may find it a bit of a struggle.

Wicking – do leave the wick a little longer than you normally would, it does have to reach down over the sides of the W deck and into the well. You can always trim them after if you find them a bit long and getting in the way of the top cap, but they do need a little extra length as they have a bit further to travel.

How does the Loop Vape?

It’s ok, I was expecting ‘out of this world’ flavour after Geekvapes ‘significantly enhancing the flavour’ statement, but its not really better than any other RDA’s that I use. Don’t get me wrong, the flavour is good, but it isn’t exceptional! Closing the airflow down to halfway does show some improvement in flavour, but again its not standing out as ‘better’ than other RDA’s.

The airflow is a little on the noisy side, and closing it down halfway seems to give it a bit of a whistle. Now I’m not sure if different coils would make it any quieter, but with this having a whooshing whistle, it’s not something that I can vape on while my hubby is around (the noise drives him nuts!) And to be honest it does make me rather self conscious while I’m using it.

So my 2 clapton coils read 0.18ohms, and I’m vaping this at around 60w. There is plenty of vapour although you’re not going to win any cloud blowing competitions, but you will fog the room out in a dozen vapes or so.

Single Coil Profile.

So excuse my gunked up coil and wick (I blame the chocolate mint! :roll:) I whipped one of the coils out and closed down the airflow to single hole to see how the Loop vapes in single coil mode, and I have to say it’s actually pretty good. To be honest I didn’t notice a huge difference, maybe a little less vapour but the flavour is still pretty good. So if you prefer to vape at higher ohms and lower watts, single coil may be the way forward for you.

I haven’t added the BF pin yet as I prefer dripping at the moment, but I don’t see that there would be any problems with squonking, as long as you don’t over do it. If you get a little heavy handed squeezing that bottle you might end up with a bit of juice in the airflow holes. Although I’ve been dripping plenty of liquid into the Loop and haven’t had any leaking or gurgling from the airflow system.

Final Thoughts

While the Geekvape Loop is a decent RDA, I don’t find it to be anything ‘special’ which is a shame. I thought it was going to be something amazing with all the hype over this new style of deck.

The flavour is good, but not astounding. The deck is easy enough to build on, but not the easiest deck I’ve ever built on. As for the airflow, yes it’s a different way of doing things, but I honestly don’t see that it makes any huge improvements over other RDA’s :dunno:

That all sounds kind of ‘thumbs down’ for the Loop, and it really isn’t. Its a good solid RDA, that does vape well, but I don’t believe that it deserves the hype that it got when it first came out. There’s nothing really wrong with it, but it’s really not a game changer.

Will the Loop be retired to the shelf? – It might just well find that it stays on the shelf more than on the top of a mod, and this would more than likely be down to the noisy airflow. It’s not as bad as some RDA’s that I’ve used, but I would probably find myself opting for something a little quieter.

Ceekays Shack Score

Now I don’t intend to score the Geekvape Loop for what it could have been, but for what it actually is. So… it’s loosing half a point for the somewhat noisy, whistly airflow, that is a bit of a deal breaker for me. I’m also going to deduct a half point for the screws and deck… and just say that, it could be easier. Overall the Loop scores a pretty rounded 4/5 :ting:

You can find the Geekvape Loop @ $28.45 over on (Get it via this link: Geekvape Loop RDA)– Check these guys out, they have some incredible deals! :thumbs:

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