Vaper Empire has been a leader in the Australian vaping scene for years and their V-Twist Series vape pen is just one of the reasons why Aussie vapers love their products. The V-Twist sets itself apart from its competitors in the crowded vape pen market by offering features that many vape pens don't: variable voltage and variable airflow. But are these two features enough to make the V-Twist Series the best vape pen for Australian vapers? That's the question that you will find answered in this review so read more to find out if this the best vape pen for blowing e-liquid clouds in the land of koalas and kangaroos.

The Good

There are many reasons why one might appreciate the V-Twist, starting with its refillable cartomizer design. Some vapes are designed to work only with prefilled carts that limit the e-liquids that can be used, whereas others, like the V-Twist, are designed to be refilled with the vape liquid of the user's choice. So while Vaper Empire does offer scores of different premium e-liquids for vapers to choose from, all of which work perfectly with the V-Twist, vapers who want even more variety can choose to use just about any vape juice that they desire. Another reason why this vape pen dominates some of its rivals is the fact that it offers two features not often seen in today's vape pens: variable voltage and adjustable airflow. These two features allow users of the V-Twist to customize their vapor. By changing these two settings, users can determine the overall output of the vapor that is produced. Want more of a throat hit? Then close the air intake. Want denser vapor? Then crank up the voltage. Fiddling with these two settings allows for a fully customizable vaping session, which some vapers clearly prefer. Ease of use is another area where the V-Twist excels, providing vapers with a simple to use piece of vaping hardware that's activated with a single button. Turning it off, turning it on, and activating the heating element are all controlled by the sole button located near the top of the battery's face. Adjusting the voltage and airflow is similarly easy, as users can simply twist the air intake to open and close the vent and twist the bottom of the battery to change the voltage. The voltage spans from 3.2 to 4.8 volts, providing more than enough range for most vapers to dial in the voltage to a suitable setting. As for vapor production, this is one area where the V-Twist really shines. Thanks to its compatibility with various e-liquids and its adjustable elements, its vapor production can be finely tuned to a meet a vaper's needs. Those that want smooth hits can easily achieve them by reducing the voltage and increasing the airflow, while those that want serious throat hit action need only to simply crank up the voltage and decrease the airflow. This catering to all types of vapers makes the V-Twist an excellent choice for just about any vaper. Like the rest of Vaper Empire's vapes, the V-Twist is designed to work perfectly with Vaper Empire e-liquids. For fans of Vaper Empire's premium vape juices, of which there are many flavors, this is a nice bonus. Of course, as previously noted, there is still the option of using the V-Twist with other brands of e-liquid, resulting in an endless number of options for vapers who enjoy vaping different brands and flavors.

The Bad

While just about every aspect of the V-Twist is ideal for vape pen users, there is still one area where it does not shine: size. The overall size of the V-Twist is quite a bit larger than the standard vape pens we see today, making it less portable than one might prefer. So while the battery life is well within reason and the features plentiful, there is a cost and that cost is a larger-than-normal device that won't fit as easily into a pocket as some of its rivals. It is worth noting that the V-Twist can be made to be more compact by simply detaching its cartridge from its battery. Once the two are separated, the total length of the device is greatly reduced, making it considerably more practical to stash in a pocket, backpack, or purse.

The Conclusion

With vapers in Australia limited in what they can buy as far as vaping supplies are concerned, the V-Twist steps up to the plate to provide vapers with a full-featured piece of vape tech that can be used with virtually any e-juice. While there are simpler vape pens available, such as Vaper Empire's Vantage Series that boasts no adjustments, the V-Twist sets its sights on experienced vapers who want more out of their vaping hardware. With adjustable airflow and voltage, V-Twist vape pens stand out from the crowd, making it easy for vapers to customize their vapor with no more than a quick twist. A wide voltage range adds to the V-Twist's desirability, but its increased overall size reduces portability. Take into account how easy it is to use, how long the battery lasts, and how well it works and it's not difficult to see why many Australians vapers have taken to the V-Twist as their vape of choice. For those that don't mind using a fairly large vape pen, the V-Twist is an excellent choice. It provides unlimited e-liquid compatibility, produces top-notch vapor, offers variable airflow and voltage, and it's surprisingly easy to use and adjust. For those who want a refined vape in the pen styling, the V-Twist is an obvious choice. The V-Twist can be purchased from the Vaper Empire vape store. Australians will be pleased to find that Vaper Empire does, in fact, ship their vaping products, the V-Twist included, to Australia.

Alternative Vapes

Vaper Empire also manufactures and sells other styles of vapes, including cig-a-likes like the V-Pack II. For those who want an even easier to use vape pen without any adjustable components, the company offers the Vantage Series, which is as straightforward as it gets. Those who want even more power out of their vape might consider the Vibe Series, which is equipped with a 2000mAh battery and a very large tank that holds an almost excessive amount of e-liquid when filled to the brim. Regardless of which Vaper Empire vape Australians choose, the reality is that they're all well made and they're all easy to use, making them great for beginners and experts.