Marijuana is finally getting the recognition it deserves. From overall relaxation and anxiety relief to genuine, clinically proven health benefits, Mary Jane is more respected than ever before. This has even reached the point where laws are beginning to bend to reality – the fact is marijuana is here to stay. Of course, getting access to the buds can be challenging.

There is a way to network when it comes to virtually anything. But then, most people who are not in school find it hard to find sources. This is both on the “casual user” side and on the “wanting to break into the industry” side. When you want to meet people who are involved in marijuana because you also want to get involved, you have traditionally had a tough row to hoe. Fortunately, there is a solution now.

Finding Your Source

When you want to score some weed, it can sometimes be hard to find a supplier. If you are in a place where they “drug” test for THC, or where the law is still not on your side, this will not be something you want to go around publicly asking about. Having a good time and feeling better may not be worth your job. Also, it is certainly not worth spending time on the inside.

Generally speaking, there are people who grow hemp, people who distribute its wonderful leaves, and people who enjoy the buds’ usage. If you are one of the former, not having a steady client base, as people move or change their preferences, can be bad for business. Having income can be just as important as having the weed itself. If you are an aficionado, finding your source for clean, unlaced product is important for both getting the best buzz and for your health. Certain growers specialize in a particular species. As an educated consumer, you want to have as many options as you can.

Finding the Community

For some people, finding marijuana near me is not even about toking up. It is about the community as a group of people who are together on a mission. This is a mission of personal freedom and breaking off the shackles of corporate oppression. Since so many drugs have to be manufactured in a factory, and marijuana can simply be grown, it will suit the purposes of many corporations if weed is illegalized, and people who appreciate it are kept apart. This is a strategy called ‘divide and conquer.’

Believe it or not, some people who support marijuana availability and usage do not even really smoke. Perhaps they get paranoia or “the munchies” really badly, and perhaps it simply does not agree with their system. But for some, marijuana is as much a symbol as it is a happy plant. Finding protest friends and being a part of a community of like-minded peers can be just as beneficial to you as toking up. This is one of the many reasons why LeafedIn exists.

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