Kamry X Pod Kit 650mAh 2ml

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Product Info: Kamry X Pod Kit is designed in a car shape, cool and excellent, which represent Youth. It is powered by 650mAh built-in battery and it offer 2ml capacity which is better to use salt nic.

Weight: 0.22kg

Sku: KMREC0001

Color: Black Yellow Blue
Pod Cartridge:
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Kamry X Pod Kit is designed in a car shape, cool and excellent, which represent Youth. X, never cease to keep moving. She is not only pretty, but also has been improved with all the respectis which you are concerning about or not. X kit got fashionable appearance design and huge vapor. With aluminium alloy battery body and UV effect, Kamry X is of high quality and bright color. Use X kit and protect you with intelligent technology. Multiple safety protection design. High quality circuit board and intelligent system. Safe and 650mAh high rate lithium battery ensures long-endurance and huge vapor. Vaping Protection: Vaping protection will be automatically activated with critical low-battery. Charging Protection: Itelligent-controlled charging. The device will be automatically power off when it is fully charged. Shot Circuit Protection: The device will be automatically power off when it is short-circuited. Huge vapor combines with good flavor which bring you more real vaping experience. Besides we have to talked about the ergonomics style. Arc-shaped body is designed of comfortable grip. Single hand control and automatically air induction switch bring you comfortable experience. Certianly you can choose mouth vaping or lung vaping. The high quality atomizer ensures huge vapor and good taste. Mouth vaping is with silicone cover. And lung vaping is without the silicone cover. Put the silicone cover into the hole with the gap towards to electrode.

Operation of filling liquid:
Put the atomizer right way up with 5-8minutes to ensure the atomizer coil is totally soaked after filling liquid.
1.Put up the atomizer
2.With the drip tip adown
3.Take the silicone cover off
4.Fill liquid slowly
5.Take he silicone cover on
6.Put atomizer into battery body
We suggest that exchage new atomizer if the atomizer has been filled with liquid for 3-5 times
Remarks: The battery should be placed in a dry and cool place. It should be handled lightly and not dropped, knocked, hit or enter liquid or water. If liquid is found in the connector of the atomizer, please wipe it clean in time.

Specification of Kamry X Pod Kit 650mAh 2ml:
Battery Capacity: 650mAh
Battery Display: Over 3.6V is white light, 3.6V-3.2V is red light. The red light flashes quickly 3 times when the voltage is less than 3.2V
Atomizer Resistance: 1.4Ω
Output Voltage: 3.3-4.2V
Charging Time: 2.0+-0.5H
Atomizer Capacity: 2ml
Size: 30.3*19.5*100.2mm
Material: Aluminium alloy

Packing list of Kamry X Pod Kit 650mAh 2ml:
1x Kamry X mod
1x X pod cartridge
1x USB Cable
1x Warranty Card
1x Manual Card

After-Sale Service:
If this product is broken within 3 month after you receive it, we guarantee that we will be responsible for after-sale service. We will not take the responsibility if any damage is caused by false use or man-made sabotage. Read the User Manual carefully before you start to use it.